It’s Not Goodbye Uncruel World

If something goes terribly wrong and anyone reads about a girl from South Jersey dying of asphyxiation by means of a TheraBand, a resistance band used for strengthening, please get the message to her family that it was not an intentional self-inflicted suicide. It was self-inflicted, but of the sexual variety. It smells of latex and doctors’ offices and working on walking straight again so I can get fucked until I can’t walk straight again.

They won’t be terribly surprised, they already know I’m fucked up and not getting fucked.

note: don’t take me too seriously, ever. I certainly don’t. No leather’s or lace’s were harmed in the writing of this post.

truthfully, I did just try it out in my mouth as a bit; but even if I were putting it around my neck, I’m way too tired to tie it too tight right now. We’re just going to cuddle, she lied to herself.

Until my next fucked up ramble…


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