My Most Perverted Fetish Is…

My (First) Love:

My partner, an individual I learned and explored with. We enlightened one another, experienced with each other, and made discoveries about ourselves. I was introduced to fabrics and function, both for practical purposes & to stimulate the senses. I became more aware of visceral emotion and expression. I became in tune with listening for the sounds of sexual relevance. With this person, I fantasized about and was involved in some of the most perverse/kinky interactions I can imagine – those of the completely vanilla variety. My mind, body, and physiology responded in ways that I can only describe as human. I was vulnerable by seeing the vulnerability in another. I was exposed after seeing another exposed.

My partner’s presence and also absence forced me to look within myself for answers to questions I didn’t know I had and to explore the world outside myself only to see that I will never have all the answers and that there will always be more questions.

I will always have a fetish for my first love, and for what I learned with that love – it has shaped me, raped me, taught me, teased me, turned me on, and pleased me.

More than anything, I will always love learning; and I will always love the partner that I have learned so much with and so much from, if even without.

I will always be turned-on by what I’ve been taught.

Everything I have learned, all the experiences I have had are a part of me and framework for any fetish I have now or in the future.

Take me as I am and I will extend the same courtesy to you.



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