not that anyone is reading this anyway, but…

Everything I write is truth or I believe it to be.  I will write on actual events that took place or beliefs of my own.  If I choose to write fiction at some juncture in time, I will point it out as such.

Much of the material I write about is about an individual I love very much…or continue to care for deeply, despite our inability to coexist in a positive state for any reasonable length of time.  I hesitate to go into detail, but the details are the foundation for much of my thoughts and feelings. He has always been more concerned with privacy than I; though I did appreciate the intimacy the secrecy created between us, while it still existed.  It is interesting how an alternative lifestyle can put a kink in more than just a couple’s sex life.  While I want to keep my anonymity and his, I also wish to have a cathartic release into the void of the world wide inter-web we weave and create a connection with it.  I am not going to withhold on the assumption that I’ll end up in some spotlight; though for the record, he has given me permission on previous occasions that he would be willing to sacrifice the anonymity and/or privacy as a trade-off for me formulating this story into something meaningful to myself, us, or another.

And if I post anything that is not my own intellectual property I will aim to give credit where it is due; and when that happens, be it song, quote, article – I hope that it is to be taken as flattery, whether or not you agree with the opinions expressed on this page.  I’ll likely (re)post many articles; this serving as my own collection to return to and read.  I haven’t decided on MLA, APA, or WTF format, but I’ll work on just making sure all the pertinent shit is there.

I also tend to have a vulgar mouth and thus keystrokes.  I’ve put a lid on it a bit, but have my moments.  Content will be for a mature audience with open minds.

Thank you, now and in advance.

P.S. Personal information has been altered due to…well, just because.  Nobody is probably reading this far anyway, if at all.


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