jaw breakers & bubblegum

I really want to wear a sports jersey next week, preferably Flyers. I realized I left a bag containing a couple jerseys at the house when I moved & now isn’t the time to try to make any transactions.

It got me thinking though…. I remembered going to an Eagles game w/former lover. I wore a white compression long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, leggings, boots, and one of his Eagles jerseys. When we got home we began fooling around. The next day he made a comment to me that it was strange to him, difficult even, to fuck me while I was wearing his jersey.

Keep in mind, I always fucked him while he was wearing my clothes. Interesting…
I guess we all have our things, it just doesn’t need to be my thing.

So if I ever put out an application to be my next boyfriend first question may very well be: would you ever deny fucking a pretty girl wearing your jersey?

That one might be a deal-breaker.

This sounds whiny, my apologies. but c’mon….

Or should I say – cum on me…


True Beauty Is On The Inside

You are beautiful, inside & out.

And I would know better than anyone else…

Because that speculum I used on you spread you open beautifully.

Cold Hard Bitch

I am sleepy and PMSing. All the masturbating I’ve been doing is cancelling out my cramps. Come keep me warm and beat my period to the punch line and fuck me until I bleed.

k, thanks. Nice doing business with you.


There are 3 individuals I want right now.

Do those thoughts make me a slut?

Thing is, I’m not near any of them right now.

I am not close enough to feel his heart beating…

or pounding…

as hard as I know I can make his dick.

I want to feel the weight of a man on top of me.

And only one man, or maybe every man.

Does it make me a whore to want more?

Fucked up thing is this, the exponential erotic torture of a tease for the last several weeks – it’s the best sex I’ve ever had & haven’t had sex at all. The desire for and from each one of them only increases my desire for all of them.

I’m fucking sick & maybe a little twisted.

And I fucking love every goddamned second of it.